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Happy Book Birthday to "The Stairs in the Woods"

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The Stairs in the Woods Turns Two Years Old Today

When the clock struck midnight, my first novel "The Stairs in the Woods" turned two years old! It's exciting to me that my first book has been out in the world that long, and hopefully continues to find new readers for years to come. But I couldn't let a book birthday go buy without a celebration, could I? Of course not. That's why I'll be running a Kindle Countdown deal tomorrow (8/14/20) only to celebrate the big day. Instead of the regular price of $2.99, the eBook for "The Stairs in the Woods" will be just $.99! That's an absolute steal. As I've mentioned in a previous blog post, "Stairs" is still my favorite novel that I've released. I wrote this while I was dealing with the fallout from the collapse of my marriage, and as such it's a very personal story for me. In a lot of ways, Kaitlynn's growth mirrors my own throughout the book. She begins the story absolutely devastated at the death of her father, and learns to find the power within herself to overcome the obstacles placed before her. And if all that is not a compelling enough reason to check it out, I could always just quote Macklemore and say, "Shit, it was 99 cents!" Whatever works for you. Either way, if you do take this opportunity to jump into Kaitlynn's tale, I hope you enjoy it. It's an important story to me for a lot of reasons. So click the image below to grab your copy fora whopping 67% off while you can!!

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