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The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind ever since I announced that my first novel The Stairs in the Woods, was getting a facelift. In that time, the new eBook, paperback, and hardback copies have become available everywhere books are sold.

Getting my books into stores has always been the dream, and with this refresh it's become a reality. While the books are still available on Amazon, retailers from Walmart to Books-A-Million have the books available online. Even independent retailers like Powells in Oregon or The Poisoned Pen here in Arizona can order it for you now. I even walked into my local Barnes & Noble and ordered myself a copy of the hardback just because I could. I'm looking forward to setting up a book signing there soon.

All of this has truly been a mind-blowing experience. To be able to check a life goal off my list is always an amazing experience, but I got to do it twice recently. One was getting my books in stores. But the other was finally having a hardback with a dust jacket. To be able to hold that copy of my book for the first time was reminiscent of holding that first copy almost six years ago now. Somehow, in a strange way, it made my author journey feel more real.

So to celebrate the relaunch of The Stairs in the Woods, I'm offering up a special bundle on signed copies of the hardback from my own online merch store. Check out the image below for the details:

Admittedly, I can't take much credit for this idea. My fiancee, editor, and all around cheerleader Vanessa Redmon has been the brainchild behind this promotion. She even designed one of the two bookmarks that will be shipping with the signed hardbacks. I honestly don't know where I would be without her. She and her mother designed the mockup of the packaging for this promotions as well, which you can get a peek at below. But don't be fooled, we have a couple more surprises for you other than what you see here:

As for me, I've been getting myself reaquainted with writing again after a long layoff. I've been working on The Shadow Sisters again and it's really coming together. This book is going to be dark, and I love it.

It's hard to believe it's been over two years since I published a book. For five years in a row, I published a book. But April 5th was the two year mark since I released The Miranda Project. I never thought I'd get stalled like this. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, these last couple of years have been a real struggle to concentrate.

But things are finally looking up. Putting together this fresh new edition of The Stairs in the Woods has really gotten me back in the flow and I'm finally writing again. I hope to have more news for you with regard to The Shadow Sisters soon. Until then, here's a fun little timeline of my writing journey for you to check out:

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