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The Forbidden Scrolls book cover

The Forbidden Scrolls


He left her for dead.

It was supposed to be a job like any other – sneak in, grab the scroll from the vault, and get out. It didn’t matter to Juliya what the young sorcerer wanted it for, he was paying well enough. That is, until he double-crossed her.

Now Juliya has a choice: track down Frost Dirvent and the forbidden scroll of fire that she stole for him, or be turned over to the guards.

Despite her misgivings, Juliya must work with a group of adventurers to track down Frost and reclaim the scroll before he can use its powers against an unsuspecting world. But the journey to stop him will take her to the last place she ever wanted to return to: Home.

Flourish White

"The Forbidden Scrolls is the start of an epic fantasy adventure, and I recommend you jump on the ride. You won't regret it!"


     -N.W. Moors, Author of The Black Swans

"I believe the characters are the best part of this tale. They're easy to like and empathize with, and their relationships/interactions are nice to see."


     -Jacob Faust, Author of Cracked

"Let me start by saying I loved this book. From the moment I read the first few pages I was engrossed in the story. I had a need to learn more about Juliya, her quest, and all the others I met along the way."


     -Jae Vel, Author of Fragments of a Shattered Mind

Redemption and Ruin book cover

Redemption & Ruin: The Forbidden Scrolls Part II

The search for the forbidden scrolls continues in Redemption & Ruin.

Disaster has struck! Frost Dirvent has used the legendary scroll of fire to murder thousands of innocents. Now the vile sorcerer has continued his quest to collect all of the forbidden scrolls scattered throughout Teren'vei.

It's a race against time for Juliya and her friends. They'll need to cross the entire continent and bring two desperate groups of paladins together to have any chance of stopping Frost before he can use the scrolls again.

United with the champions of the gods, Juliya must stand against a threat unlike any seen in thousands of years: an army of the dead and a necromancer who can bend the elements themselves. Can they stop Frost from recovering all of the scrolls and rebuilding his family's once glorious empire? And even if they succeed, what will be the cost?

Flourish White

"Recommend for readers who enjoy smart fantasy, magic, adventure, and surprisingly realistic characters given the fantastical setting and events. Really enjoyed!"

     -Helen Whistleberry, Author of Take My Hand at Midnight

"Mr. Cesca pulls you into this land and its characters and landscapes and engages the reader with the numerous dangers faced, obstacles overcome, and relationships deepened, until you realize you really care about what happens. I couldn't put this story down!"

     -Elizabeth M. Carola, Author of The Oathing Stone

"[Cesca's] style is reminiscent of Terry Brooks, with a variety of interesting and heroic characters, a world of magic, and a quest to save the world from evil."

     -Amazon Review

The Last Sorcerers book cover

The Last Sorcerers: The Forbidden Scrolls Part III

The exciting conclusion to The Forbidden Scrolls Trilogy is here!

An army of the dead marches across Teren’vei with Frost Dirvent at its helm. Only one of the ancient forbidden scrolls remains between the necromancer and ultimate power as he cuts a swath of death across the continent. With each fresh kill, his army swells.

Adrift in a sea of grief, Juliya must find herself once more. Frost has an expanding list of crimes to answer for with each passing day, and his strength continues to grow. What can a single thief do against such power?  Will her quest for vengeance end with the ultimate sacrifice? Or worse yet, failure?

Time is short for the chosen champions of the gods. They will need an army if they’re to stop Frost from returning Teren’vei to an age of darkness. And one of their own needs to learn how to unlock the magic in his blood if they are to have any hope of success.

Flourish White

"Cesca has developed all the characters in a way that makes them fallible and relatable and you can’t help but to cheer them on while constantly holding your breath as you await their fate."

     -Elizabeth M. Carola, Author of  Napoyca Awakened

"Recommend this series to readers who enjoy high fantasy with well-thought out worldbuilding and imperfect, relatable, and heroic characters (and one really nasty villain!)"

     -Helen Whistlberry, Author of The Malhaven Mystery Series

"The author's world building and character building is spectacular; everything came together so fully."

     -Goodreads Review

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