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The Miranda Project book cover

The Miranda Project

For the last five years, Alex has been on the run. Once a living weapon for a shadowy government organization, Alex is now hiding out on Mars trying to start a new life. But the shadows of his past creep around every corner. Every night, his broken mind forces him to relive the horrors he has committed.

Alex isn’t like most people: he’s a psych. Born with rare psionic powers, each psyche is a prized asset for the Centralized World Government back on Earth. Psyches like Alex are tracked down by the Agency and trained to do the jobs the CWG doesn’t want the public to know about.

With Mars no longer safe, Alex is forced to run once more. Refuge won’t come easy—he's running out of places to hide. And for the first time since taking his life back into his own hands, he's not running alone...


Flourish White

"Recommended for readers who enjoy action, powered individuals and a good helping of romance on their scifi."

-Cheryl Lawson, Author of The Rubicon Saga

"Every chapter kept me hooked and rather than put it down, I finished this in a day. This is a great weekend read, vacation read, plane ride read, rainy day read…I highly recommend it."

-Amazon Review

"Once again, author Matthew Cesca has introduced me to a genre I would not have otherwise ventured into."

-Amazon Review


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