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Three Years of Ruin

Celebrating Bookiversary Number Three for Redemption & Ruin

It's hard to believe that three years have passed since I released my third novel, Redemption & Ruin. This book had a lot to live up to in the wake of The Forbidden Scrolls, and in my opinion, it delivered. As much as I love the other two books in my Forbidden Scrolls trilogy, I still think this is the best of the bunch.

Why? Well, it's everything you want a middle act to be. It furthers the overall story, while having its own satisfying story arc. It introduces new characters and opens up new possibilities while tying up some loose threads. And it leaves you longing for the rest of the story without relying on a cliffhanger. And chances are, it probably leaves you hurting, because not everything goes the way the good guys are hoping it would. When you close the cover on Redemption & Ruin, you don't feel cheated--you want to know what happens next because the protagonists are at their lowest point. There's only one way things can go from here.

Or at least you hope so. There are no guarantees of a happy ending after all.

Redemption & Ruin also contains some of my favorite locations in the entire series. The Crimson College was a joy to create, as was the puzzle within the Temple of Air. The same could be said of both the ruined temple in Necronis, as well as the frozen palace in Thea'Thal. In addition, Jozen's story arc is still one of my favorites of any side character from any of my books. His life was one raw deal after another, but in the end he regains his honor--albeit tragically.

Some of you may be asking, "How can we celebrate Redemption & Ruin's birthday with you?" Well, I have do a new Merchandise store. And I also have promotion codes of 10% off any drinkware item in the store. That includes everyone's favorite "Write The Fucking Book Mug." This offer is valid through midnight Sunday, June 25th (Arizona time).

How do you get to be one of the lucky winners? Buy Redemption & Ruin (or any of my other books). Kindle, paperback, hardback, or even a signed copy straight from the Merch store are acceptable. Send me proof of purchase (just a screenshot of the receipt is fine) and I will give you the code. That's it. Simple. You get one of my books and you get some cool gear at 10% off.

As for what's going on here, I'm still working on The Shadow Sisters, as well as the follow up to The Miranda Project. I'm excited to bring both of these stories to you in time, as well as many more.

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