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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The Follow up to The Forbidden Scrolls is on its Way

It's been far too long since my last blog post, and for that I apologize. But I've had some good reasons. The first was because I got a lovely case of the flu which turned into bronchitis. That was six weeks of "fun." But the other, much more exciting reason is because I've been busy working on the latest chapter in my Forbidden Scrolls trilogy. And as of this past Wednesday, the first draft is officially done!

The second part of The Forbidden Scrolls is as yet unnamed. The working title is "Redemption & Ruin," which sets a good expectation of what the theme of the novel will be about. Once I get through revisions and beta reads, I expect I'll decide if I like that or something else.

In the next book, we'll visit new parts of the continent of Teren'vei. Readers will join our heroes and villains as they cross the black sands of the Destan Empire, visit the ruins of Necronis on the Undead Isle, and the explore the frozen city of Thea'thal. All these, and a few familiar locales from the first book as well.

Whereas The Forbidden Scrolls is primarily Juliya's story and the tale of her journey home to Felbreach, "Redemption & Ruin" (the title is growing on me again) is the story of our two groups of paladins coming together from the various parts of the continent where we left them. That doesn't mean that Juliya isn't still an important part of the story; she's still the main character and it's still her story overall. But there will be moments where she takes the back seat to other characters.

All in all, the second part of The Forbidden Scrolls trilogy should be available sometime this summer. I'm aiming for June, assuming all goes well. In the meantime, now would be a great time to catch up on the first book in the series!

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