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Taste That Which is Forbidden

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Explore an Excerpt of The Forbidden Scrolls

It's time for another peak inside one of my books. This time we're featuring "The Forbidden Scrolls". This is the first book in a trilogy, and book two will be releasing in less than a month!

"Scrolls" has been available for about nine months now, so hopefully you've had a chance to read it already. If not, you've got twenty-four days until "Redemption & Ruin" comes out to get caught up. And I'm even putting the first three chapters in this blog to give you a taste of the forbidden.

"The Forbidden Scrolls" follows the story of a young thief named Juliya who stumbles into an evil necromancer's plot to take over the entire land. His family had once controlled half of the continent thousands of years prior, before being defeated and deposed. Now Frost searches out the four forbidden elemental scrolls of ancient power in order to become the most powerful being in Teren'vei.

As for Juliya herself, she's a half-breed, raised on the streets of Felbreach, a city that despises her kind. She was forced to turn to petty thievery as a child to be able to survive, until she eventually caught the attention of the local branch of the thieve's guild. Eventually, she was able to save up enough coin to get out of her Felbreach. She leaves and goes freelance, and that's when she accepts a job from Frost DIrvent to retrieve a scroll from a monastery in the small town of Barhnal.

Scrolls Excerpt
Download PDF • 570KB

As for what happens next, you'll have to click on the file to the right and download the PDF. If you enjoy what you read, you can pick up the entire novel on Amazon. You'll also notice that it's free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, so enjoy!

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