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Halloween Comes Early This Year

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Autumn Nights: 13 Spooky Fall Reads Available Now!

Okay, we lied.

Remember when we said that Autumn Nights: 13 Spooky Fall Reads would be coming out on October 1st? Well with today being the first day of fall, we decided "why the hell not?" So your paperback copies are now available to order on Amazon! If you're a Amazon Prime Member, you should get your copy with free shipping by September 25th, which is also the day the eBook will download to the Kindle app for all those people who preordered the anthology. So yes, you'll all be getting it a full five days earlier than promised!

This anthology is the result of the hard work of fourteen Amazon Best Selling authors. We were lucky enough to hold the number one release spot in horror anthologies for a few days before our success summoned and Old One and we got passed by an H.P. Lovecraft anthology. But I for one am not foolish enough to stand in the way of the mighty Cthulhu.

There are a few special shout outs that need to happen here though. Cass Kim, for putting this entire endeavor together and then herding thirteen other authors like cats. A.W. Wang, for all the time he spent editing these various tales. Edison T. Crux, for creating the beautiful cover that you can see above. And Martin Shannon, for preparing the layout of the book. I've seen the final PDF and am excited to say that the book looks gorgeous.

I'm looking forward to holding my own copy of Autumn Nights in my hands soon. My personal copy should arrive on Wednesday, the same day that all of you can get your paperback or eBook copy if you order now!

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