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Jumping into the Competition

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The Miranda Project has been accepted into the SPSFC2

That's right folks! My latest novel, The Miranda Project, was one of 300 self-published that was accepted into this year's Self-Published Science Fiction Contest. that in of itself is a great honor, as there are a ton of great books by other self published authors in the field as well. I'm felling pretty lucky to have been chosen!

For those of you not in the know, the SPSFC is in it's second year, is run by best-selling sci-fi author Hugh Howey. It's modeled after the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off set up by the likewise highly acclaimed Mark Lawrence, currently in it's eighth year.

The formats for both competitions are the same. 300 books, 10 teams of judges, 7 finalists, and 1 winner. The entire contest takes a year to get through because let's face it, that's a lot of books. It's even more than my current physical TBR pile, which I expect will take me the rest of my own natural life to read.

There will be multiple rounds to the contest, and frankly I'll be ecstatic if I just make it out of the first one. There are a lot of very good looking books in the competition. I'm going in with low expectations and hoping for the best. If the worst case scenario is that more eyes see my book, it's a win for me no matter what.

As for the judges, I've been teamed with a group calling themselves "Space Leftovers." There are a number of interesting books in my group, including one by Halo Scot that I already have in my aforementioned TBR. Seems I'm going to need to move it further up my list to see what I'm going up against. There's a few other books in there that struck my fancy as well, which means the pile is likely to grow even larger--until it consumes me (or at least an entire bookshelf).

So check out all the great books in this year's SPSFC, including The Miranda Project. And as soon as I hear any results I'll be sure to pass them on to you.

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