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This is my reading buddy, Jasper Thomas

I love books: the smell of the paper, the textures, the cover image that is painstakingly chosen to give the smallest glimpse of the world inside. Yes, I love books. And reading a book is like going on an adventure through the author's mind to visit the worlds and characters they created. It brings me so much joy.

After years of being a reader, I chose to become an editor. Writing was not for me, not yet at least, and editing was my way to get closer to the process. Authors spend years, decades even, putting life into their ideas, and after that much time, I am the fresh set of eyes that can get it as close their dream as possible. It is very rewarding knowing I can give the final facelift before a book goes out to the world.

How did I get started? Well, I have an copyediting certificate through San Diego Extension University which I completed in 2013. I didn't do much with it until one day in 2021 when I met an author. A real live one. In person. You guessed it, that author was Matt Cesca. He entrusted me with his world in his Forbidden Scrolls trilogy and I am forever thankful for that experience. From there, I have edited his newest release, The Miranda Project, which was a fun challenge in a new genre for both of us and i am looking forward to the completion of that trilogy.

For anyone looking for a historical romance, I highly recommend The Oathing Stone by Elizabeth Carola, a debut novel. Although I did not edit that book, she did give me the opportunity to edit her newest release, Napoyca Awakened, which is a mystery/thriller romance which I truly enjoyed.

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