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The Miranda Project: Available Now!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

All Roads Lead Back to His Past

Somewhere back in 2020, between the launch of Redemption & Ruin and when I began working on The Last Sorcerers, I began working on a little side project. I intended to finish up my Forbidden Scrolls Trilogy before I moved onto anything else, but I was also waiting for book 2 to go through the editing process before I started working on book 3--you know, just in case things were going to have to change. That little side project became The Miranda Project. And as of today, it's out and available for the world to see.

And as usual when I start "a little side project," it tends to blossom into oh so much more. In the case of both The Forbidden Scrolls and The Miranda Project, both began as what I expected to be solo outings and very quickly morphed into trilogies. Though with The Miranda Project, I saw the change happening much, much quicker this time around. In fact, it was long before I finished the 4th or 5th chapter this time that I realized I had far too much material to work with for just one book, but I also knew exactly how I wanted this book to go and how I wanted it to end.

This is also the shortest window between book launches for me, in part because I busted out the first twelve or thirteen chapters of this book before I started working on the last book in my fantasy trilogy and was able to dive right into finishing this up once book book 3 was complete. For the first time ever, I didn't feel rushed to put the finishing touches on a book in the days before it came out, having everything complete nearly a month before launch. Such a strange feeling to be so organized for once.

As usual, I have an entire village of people to thank for getting The Miranda Project ready on time, most of whom I address in the book's Acknowledgements. But I'd like to take a second to thank two people in particular: my cover artist and my editor. As usual, Richard Chapman did some amazing work on my cover art. I might even say he's outdone himself this time. From the cover, you feel like you're actually standing on the moon of Miranda and looking up at Uranus. And Vanessa Redmon did a phenomenal job not just in editing this book, but in getting it back to me quick enough that I could actually relax through some of the process for a change.

As for what's next, I'm working on another fantasy tale and am already in the planning stages of TMP2. I also have a short story that I've written that I still need to edit. So here's hoping I have something new for you to read soon. In the meantime, enjoy The Miranda Project. You may need to hold o for dear life with this one...

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